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Service Rates

Aircon General Servicing

  • 600 01 Unit
  • 500 2+ Unit
  • Cleaning and General Inspection

Jet-Pump Servicing

  • 900 01 Unit
  • 800 2+ Unit
  • High Pressure Pump Service and Inspection

Installation | Un-Installation

  • 750 Un-Installation
  • 1500 Installation...
  • Assemble or Dis-assemble Standard Product

Gas Leakage | Top-Up

  • Starting From 900 Top-Up
  • Starting From 2000 Leak Testing
  • Leak Testing (or) Refilling

We Can Help You With

Standard Aircon Cleaning Service

Aircon Pump Wash

Air Conditioner Installation

Aircon Repair and Overhaul

10 Common Problems for Air Conditioners

  • Blocked Grills
  • Stops Performing
  • Outside Fan Issue
  • Drainage Problem / Frozen Coils
  • Issue With The Sensor
  • Failure Pertaining To Electrical Control
  • Bad Smell
  • Wailing Noise In The Fan Belt
  • Leaking Refrigerant
  • Size / Installation Problems
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There are some aircon service companies especially online who just outsource their services to real aircon service contractors and charge higher rates to get their cut as a commission

Professional & Experienced

With professional skills and have more than 6 years of experience in air-con servicing and installation.

Fast Response

Always strive to respond as soon as possible and efficient in every projects.

90 days workmanship warranty

90 days workmanship warranty on installation replacement of parts is a solid assurances that deliver not only quality services,& it is also risk-free.

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